Dr. Gluma Saban

Division Head, Policy and Development Division, M-FICORD


Dr. Gluma Saban is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Management, University of Technology MARA (UiTM) SARAWAK and holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from University Sains Malaysia (USM).

Since 2017 he has been seconded to the Ministry of Food Industry, Commodity and Regional Development (MFICORD) as a Principal Assistant Secretary, heading Policy and Development Division. His tasks are largely involved with accelerating the commercialisation of Sarawak agricultural sector by developing key policy and development programmes to advance the transformation of Sarawak agriculture sector.

The main focus of his Division is to develop key strategies and initiatives in transforming the agricultural sector to achieve a satisfactory level of food security in the state and industrializing the agrifood sector while enhancing the commodity crops’ contributions to the state GDP. He also actively plays the role of coordinating inter-departmental and agencies’ strategic agriculture planning and advising the Minister and top management on global, national, and state issues related to agriculture.