Ali Javed

Founder & CEO, Nous Network, India


Ali Javed is a storyteller whose audience knows no bounds just like his fields of interest. This ostensibly ill-suited description might speak sufficiently for this 31-year-old curious mind who has traversed across subjects and learned his way out to explore more, many a time on his own. Intrigued by problems of metaphysics, epistemology, uncertainty, theories of the human mind, and philosophy of science & religion, he is working at the intersection of physics, economics, politics, psychology, and philosophy.

This row of jargon might be puzzling for the masses, and Ali Javed is very much aware of that. And so, he works to bridge the gap between the intellectuals and the masses and create an alternative source of knowledge production. Gatekeeping knowledge is not his philosophy, instead, he believes in building communities and rooting them in self-sufficiency. To sync with ever-evolving technology, he actively explores the spheres of machine learning and artificial general intelligence.

The credo “From Metaphysics to Masses’, guides Ali Javed’s most recent venture: Nous Network. A think tank-cum-media house, which was founded, one, to explore the problems of the world. Two, to translate those complex ideas for the masses. And three, to offer solution-oriented ideas. And in its young journey, Nous Network has showcased unfailing results by combining rigorous research with cutting-edge production and delivering nuanced video explainers on complicated yet relevant issues.

Academically, Ali Javed is a research scholar at the Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is what one can define as a first-principles thinker. The failure of contemporary theories in defining the world order has pushed him to create alternative theories. With the Islamic paradigm at the center of his philosophical pursuits, he has proposed a novel theory: ‘Philosophic Calculus’ - Unification of Epistemology. He has also been invited to present guest Lectures in the Chair in Islamic Studies and Research, at Yenepoya University, India.

The core of all his ventures and pursuits has been to offer innovative and accessible solutions with Islam as the guiding force. Driven by a strong sense of community and upliftment of the marginalized sections of society, he plans to work on both levels, one, individual engagement and two, advocacy with the State, locally, nationally, and globally.

His ongoing M.Phil thesis pivots around economic inequality between and within different group identities in India, especially the Indian Muslims. Previously, he post-graduated with a degree in Economics from Jamia Millia Islamia where he founded Rang-e-Sadaqat Society to combat poverty in Muslim ghettos around the University.

Over the past years, he has been recognized as a philosopher, economist, social activist, leader, and most importantly, an asset to the community. Currently, he is expanding the Nous Network, partnering with dedicated organizations, and exploring new ways to reach the masses. He is also collaborating with Dr. Javed Jamil to establish a novel Centre/Institute of Applied Islamics. His future projects include mapping the Indian Muslim population and digitizing community-based initiatives.