George Bohlender

Managing Director, Dragonfire Corporate Solutions, Malaysia


George Bohlender is the Managing Director of Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd, a KL-based B2B and B2C business management consultancy and advisory service provider specializing in the delivery of client-focused solutions in:

• Entrepreneur & NGO Development • Career Management • Continuous Adult Learning & Development • Business Communication & Creative Media

George is originally from Canada where he worked in the fields of Aboriginal community economic development and entrepreneur development at program delivery and strategic management levels for 20 years with governments and NGOs. He also held executive leadership positions at national, territorial, and regional NGOs involved in government policy and program advocacy supporting Aboriginal economic development in Canada. In 2006, George was part of a team that received the Deputy Minister's Award from the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) for outstanding achievement by the Nunavut Regional Program Management Advisory Committee in overseeing delivery of the ministry’s economic development programs in the territory of Nunavut.

In addition to his extensive experience in economic development, George is an accomplished English language proofreader, editor, and writer. He has edited several issues of the Malaysian Management Review published by the Malaysian Institute of Management, and has co-authored, proofread, and edited reports for various agencies within the government of Malaysia. He is regularly consulted to proofread and edit PhD theses, as well as articles destined for publication in academic journals. George also has a wealth of experience developing a wide range of material, including business plans, proposals, reports, speeches, and film/video scripts, for a variety of audiences.

George received his certification as a Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED) from Canada’s Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) in 2010. He holds an Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance (AQIF), awarded by IBFIM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is pursuing his Intermediate Qualification in Islamic Finance (IQIF) with a focus on Islamic banking. George is an HRDC-certified trainer, a past member of Malaysia’s Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) Accreditation Panel for FAA Programme Accreditation, and a past exco member of the Malaysian chapter of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

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