Moulana Muhammad Sa’eed Navlakhi

Director & CEO, South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)


Moulana Mohamed Saeed Navlakhi graduated in the faculty of Islamic Theological Sciences at Jamia Uloom Islamia, Karachi in 1988 and upon his return to South Africa joined the Council of Muslim Theologians where he served in the following capacities:

Member, Board of Islamic Education; Assistant-Editor, Ar-Rasheed Periodical; Administrator, Jamiat Ulama South Africa; and Executive Director, Halaal Department – Council of Theologians.

He was thereafter appointed by the Council to serve in the capacity of Chief Shari’ah Consultant at the Islamic Bank Ltd Johannesburg and assisted in developing and monitoring the general operations and Shari’ah compliance of financing modules.

In 1994 when the formation of the South African National Halaal Authority was mooted, the Council commissioned him as the Senior Consultant in developing Halaal protocols for the National Halaal Authority. He was thereafter appointed the Chief Shari’ah Director of the organisation and serves in that capacity to the present date.

He also serves in an Executive capacity on the World Halaal Council organ whose aim is to harmonise Halaal Certification Standards at a global level.

Moulana also serves on various socio religious bodies in South Africa and has made significant contributions to various International forums and conferences in the field of Halaal.