Usman Nisar

Chairman, PANJTAN GROUP Malaysia and Pakistan


Usman Nisar started his journey 15 years ago when he came to Malaysia for further studies in 2007. He did his bachelors (BBA) & MBA from International University Malaya Wales. Currently he is doing his PhD in Public Relations from University Malaya (UM) Malaysia.

He set up his first company of our conglomerate in Malaysia in 2010 by the name Monzsat Services Sdn Bhd. It was an import export company, importing rice into Malaysia from Pakistan. In 2012, he established another company called Professional Manpower Solutions (PMS) to cater the demand of human capital in Malaysia. PMS has recruited more than 20,000 workers into Malaysia from various countries since then. Due to the high demand of skilled, semi-skilled and professional staff in Malaysia, Usman established a training company by the name Aspac Trainings to meet the need of the companies for tailor made trainings for their employees. Most companies were asking for tailor made trainings for their staff. Currently, Aspac Trainings have 40 permanent and 150 ad-hoc trainers working with us providing trainings and solutions in various sectors.

Panjtan Builders and Developers was formed in 2017. We have various projects in Malaysia and Pakistan in real estate specially development of houses and commercial buildings. Panjtan Mines and Mineral was formed in 2020 to cater the demand of Rocks and Minerals from Pakistan. Since then, Panjtan Group has been working closely with the locals to innovate and introduce the latest equipment in mining rather than the conventional ways. Panjtan Group can proud ly announce that we are the largest exporter of Rock Phosphate (RP) in Pakistan and one of the biggest importers of RP in Malaysia and prominent fertilizer suppliers in South East Asia. Panjtan Group also have interest in some of the other mineral’s mines in Pakistan.

Recently in 2022, Panjtan Group has ventured into another sector and acquired two petrol stations in Malaysia. The projection is to increase the sites by 4 by the end of 2024. Another feather in Panjtan Group crown is the recent acquisition of Private Jet company. Since, Usman is an avid reader, therefore he’s working on writing a book on self-development and motivation named “You Can Do It” with tag line “the Missing Ingredients of Success”.